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Trucking accidents or commercial vehicle accidents are a subcategory of auto accidents where the driver of the commercial vehicle is at fault. Some of these accidents happen if the driver was distracted, did not yield on a left turn, did not stop completely at the stop sign, didn’t allow for adverse road conditions, or an endless number of other circumstances.

However, there are additional causes for trucks. There are laws in New York that apply to trucks and other commercial vehicles that do not apply to regular private automobiles. These laws have to deal with the maintenance and operation of the vehicle. Large commercial trucks are harder to drive or operate, especially within city limits making these large vehicles or trucks more dangerous.

Everything else being equal, a large and heavy truck will cause more damage when there is a collision. There are additional blind spots that would be present on a large truck that do not exist to such an extent in an automobile. Without a personal injury attorney that has experience with trucking accidents, it can be difficult to identify all the potential reasons why the truck driver or the owner of the truck would have been responsible for the accident.

What Are Some Serious Injuries Caused By Trucking Accidents In Nassau And Queens County?

The injuries in a truck accident are generally similar to the types of injuries that would occur in any other auto accident. However, the heavier impact by trucks can lead to more severe injuries. In city conditions, there is a greater risk for pedestrians because of the blind spots and longer braking distance on the truck. When trucks are changing lanes, backing into parking spots, or loading dock, there may be an increased likelihood of an accident. If their equipment is faulty or poorly maintained an accident may result in more extensive injuries.

Who Is Potentially Liable For My Serious Injuries In My Trucking Accident Case?

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, the liability could be of the driver, the owner of the vehicle, or a combination of the two. It is important to always file a claim against both. In some cases, the driver was liable because they were not paying adequate attention, following the vehicle in front of it too closely and not allowing for sufficient braking distance, or were not properly checking their mirrors and cameras when backing up. At the same time, it could be partly the fault of the trucking company that maintains the truck. Perhaps they haven’t serviced the brakes properly, the backup camera wasn’t working, or the trailer that the semi was pulling was defective in some way. There are a variety of reasons why the truck owner or the company that owns the commercial vehicle would be liable. It is important to bring a claim against both.

Commercial vehicles are often covered by a large insurance policy. That may give more leeway for a larger personal injury recovery.

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