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Premises liability is a category of personal injury cases where the injury occurs on a property as a result of negligence by the property owner. For example, when a person is at a business, if there is some type of defect or dangerous condition within the premises that the owner should have been aware of or actually was aware of and they did not protect this person from or they did not eliminate this dangerous condition, they could be held liable for the injury.

An example of this is if there was a wet floor in a store that the owner or property management should have identified and resolved in a timely fashion but did not. If someone injures themselves before they cleaned it up or put a sign to identify the area, the owners could be held liable for the injury

Any kind of dangerous condition that resulted in an injury to a third party would fall under premises liability.

What Are Common Examples Of Slip And Fall Or Trip And Fall Incidents? What Sorts Of Injuries Are Generally Sustained In These Accidents?

Some of the common scenarios are when a person slips because the floor is wet or uneven, or a staircase has no railings for support. It could occur indoors or outdoors. All kinds of conditions can lead a person to a slip or trip resulting in falling on the ground or against the wall ending in injury. Recently, we had a case where a person was at a gas station filling her car. The person accidentally stepped into a small access hole with a missing cover on the ground of the gas station.

Generally, the injuries are associated with falling to the ground. These could include sprains, strains, concussions, broken bones, etc. There are all kinds of physical and neurological injuries that could result from a slip or a trip.

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